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SANY Excavators In Stock Now- Available for Sale or Rent

Our new SANY Excavators are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Whether you are interested in a new SANY excavator, used, or even a rental, you've come to the right place. Give us a call today at 913-287-3322. and let us help you find the right SANY for your next construction project.

The SANY Promise

#1 Manufacture of Excavators

#1 Leading Warranty

5 YEARS / 5,000 HOURS

The SANY warranty secures your investment, which means that if any issues arise with your equipment, you’re covered. Warranty claims are handled across the United States and Canada through SANY’s extensive dealer partner network. SANY has earned a reputation for reliability and performance, and is the No. 1 manufacture of excavators in the world.  State Tractor & Equipment has a full-service parts, repair & maintenance department, with certified SANY technicians and loaner equipment available. Contact our service department at 913-287-3322


SANY Mini Excavators

The Mini Excavators are one of the hottest sale models around the globe. The SY16, SY26, SY35 and SY50 are zero-tail mini excavators with a range from 2 to 6 ton operating weight. The compact dimension and better flexibility allows the machine to operate in narrow and various working conditions. Equipped with Yanmar engines ensure that the demands of all tier 4 emission standards are met across the globe. Additional options, attachments and equipment are available to meet your specific operating needs.

SANY Mid-Sized Excavators

Mid-sized units included are the SY215, SY235, and SY265. Ranging from a 17 to 35 ton operating weight, these machines are designed to deliver top performance, unmatched versatility, and the industry’s best fuel efficiency. Three cutting-edge technologies, Auto Optimized Control Technology, Parts-Strengthened technology, and Anti-vibration Low-noise Technology were developed to not only achieve safety, but also high performance, superb reliability and maximum comfort for the operator. Equipped with a Cummins motor and Kawasaki Hydraulic components not only ensure safe emission, but top performance and maximum fuel efficiency. Get more work done in in less time and save money.

SANY Small Excavators

SANY’s small line of excavators includes the SY60, SY75, SY95 and SY135 (SY155 coming 2020). With an operating weight ranging from 7 to 16 tons, with features including LCD display screen, A/C, heat and radio. Although theses excavators are not zero-tail machines, the larger cab size insures a more comfortable work area, for the slightly longer jobs. The Yanmar and Isuzu engines, accompanied by a reliable and robust powertrain and hydraulic system makes even the most difficult job easy.

SANY Large Excavators

SANY’s line of large excavators include the SY365 and SY500. With a 36 to 60 ton operating range, making these excavators no match for even the most demanding jobs. Guaranteed to deliver top performance 365 days a year, in any climate or condition. Equipped with a Cummins diesel engine and Kawasaki components offer a more powerful auxiliary Hydraulic flow system for operating tools and attachments, than any of its competitors. Get the maximum out of your investment and tackle any job with ease all while saving on fuel costs and consumption using SANY’s self-developed EPV system, engine-pump-valve control technology.


The SANY Excavator Family

SANY hydraulic excavators are precision-engineered digging tools built with industry-leading technology and highest-grade components to offer you maximum job site productivity. Our engines deliver top performance and tremendous power, with increased fuel efficiency and low emissions.



SANY Excavators For Sale - Industry leading technology, trusted components

State Tractor and equiptment has a full line of SANY excavators in stock and ready for immediate sale or rentals. Multiple working modes, intelligent control systems and a variety of attachments and parts allow versatile operation in all kinds of work environments. Whether it’s mining, road building, civil engineering, or general construction, SANY excavators are ready and able to get the job done.


The SANY Excavator Family

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